Customers Screen

Can we have something similar to this

Actually it’s a customer screen which show all customers orders.
Ticket number,type,customer mobile, paid or not.

New ticket will have Red color and after while color changed to green based on time needed to prepare the product.

This should be doable, pretty much the same as a kitchen screen just with no order details buts ticket info.
Sorry not done a kitchen/customer display yet so cant offer much advice but lookup the newer v5 kitchen display/ticket lister tutorials and should get you going.

Yes it seems similar somehow but with no botton to clear served orders which seems it cleared automatically once the waiter clear the order from his screen

It is ticket lister. But you need to write script to change color. @Jesse has done this but in beta category.
Borrow his screenshot from beta forum

Great … Hopefully this picture will open his mind for more amazing ideas :heart_eyes:

Sounds like you’ve book looking at customer display, that would act like a vfd customer pole and show that terminal me ticket.
Kitchen display is more what you want.

Browser printer is possible too. Load all X state tickets and print every X minutes. But I never load multiple tickets. Don’t know how it works.

It seems more as ticket lisner where the ticket will be cleared if the statues changed to served

It’s possible to make one look exactly like that. But I think we can do better. That one seems ugly :slight_smile:

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Kendash I hope I had your skills … For this ugly screen I spend the whole night with no result :cry:

If you think about open an on-line programming class I will be on the first seats :grin:

Well I was blessed with the ability to learn very fast some call it a High IQ i guess but it doesnt mean im any smarter than you. I really do not know any programming I just pickup stuff here and there. I started learning SambaPOS just over one year ago.

Sometimes things seem very simple to me and its hard for me to understand why someone else doesnt get it and that gets me in trouble often. One day I will learn .net programming but for now I am happy just learning and watching SambaPOS grow. I use it for a real business but I enjoy tinkering with it more than my business haha.

I would create examples and tutorials for every person on here if I could do 90 things at once. Maybe I should learn programming to design myself an artificial intelligence that can assist me with my thoughts lol.

I will be redoing my Ticket Lister soon and it should show you how to build just about any screen you want. There are some very exciting new things coming that @emre is working on some of them possible now but some need more tweeks. I have been waiting to see how it evolves before I really dive in.

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Do you know, your words it’s more than any thing her making any one push on him self to learn more SAMBAPOS. Most of us just learn to fix his issue only but learn to enjoy with sambapos and to learn the whole idea of it…it’s exactly what every one should do.

I will start doing that…hopefully I will reach your level soon :blush:


Looks really good! only thing i would say is to correct the spelling of PREPARING (no ‘i’)