Daily Sales Grand Total does not match Item Sales Total sometimes


I’m having problem with daily grand total matching item sales total.
It was suppose to match the item sales total. So far for 30 days, there are 11 days that have these problem and it happen randomly, not consecutively. Is there anyway where I can trace back the problem? I have the following implemented by date:-

Auto Rounding
Re-opened Settled Ticket
Fixed Discount on Total Ticket

I have tried doing calculation on separating voids, gifts. Nothing seem to balanced back the missing amount. The amount would vary from a few cents to 20-30 dollars.

SambaPOS V4 active user and loving it :slight_smile:

Can you add some screen shots that shows the issue?

Its likely you altered some of the accounting and it may be reporting it differently than you intended. But as @emre said we need screenshots to know for sure.