Daily sales report with items grouped by price

Hi All,

I’m using an inventory management system called marketman, and i’m trying to produce a report data export which shows item sales for a given period of time. I have the item sales report showing say 10 burgers and the total income.however i’d like the items which I Gift or add a discount to show up as a new line item at the given price (discounted or zero) something like this:

Menu item name Menu item code Menu item list price Quantity sold Sales total excl. tax Sales total inc. tax Category
burger burger123 50 2 100 meals
burger burger123 0 1 0 meals
burger burger123 30 3 90 meals

and so on…

any idea if this is achievable?

thanks for any pointers…

Start by adding price rather than total etc and sorted by that column too to see if that will split lines.
You may need to sub report expression it such that products broken down by price in similar Manor to how portions.