Daily Sell Not matching

I Need Help it making me crazy.
the problem is i dont know where/how gonna i match my cash there is a three way to know my daily sell 1. Tickets 2. Accounts 3. Work period report. now the thing which making me crazy is that i have different figure in all of the mention point in short my accounts says diff figure work period says diff figure and the Tickets says diff and all of that cash in my drawer is not matching with any of these figure is there any way where i can count my daily sell.

Note: i have V4 and its happening since start kindly guide me

It would help to know how your accounts are set up and the automation used for orders and closing tickets. Do you have tips that are removed from cash sales or any cash movement into other accounts? Depending on when you are looking at these reports (during a work period with open tickets vs. the end of the workperiod with all tickets closed) they could be different when checked. For example, do you have any formulas in your reports that may be responsible for adjustments you aren’t aware of? I think the total in Accounts > Workperiod should be the accurate number if your automation is correct.

my automation is correct and my account is set up properly if you want i can share SS,
last night i was checking total paid tickets were 62 and reports showing 64 idk where that two extra tickets came from after that i manually count the tickets it’s showing diff.
this is Tickets Counts which is showing 62

This is work period where showing 64

Account payments wont show on default work period report as thats reporting tickets and ticket payments.
To reconsile with account payments corectly youll need to expand report to incorperate a debtor/creditor balance and account payments.
I put together a crude report a while back.

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i was trying to solve this issue now i found where was the bug is, it is the settled tickets re-open which is making sell uncertain actually when i open yesterday ticket (Customer come to me and want to change few thing next day) and change few item and settled now that ticket is settled in today not yesterday

Prime reason not to use reopen ticket over multiple days, not the intended purpose of that fuction.
You should amend using an additional ticket with a refund and recharge process rsther than editing past closed tickets.

Payment is recorded the day it’s made. It does not matter if you reopen an old ticket. Payment is recorded when you make the payment.

Can you explain what your selling that’s. Customer pays then changes mind but you don’t want to change the payment date? Restaurants typically don’t do that.

i have a small section with gift item