Daily Specials and Combos

Hi, I need help in setting up daily specials. The idea is to have 4 or 5 daily specials that the restaurant manager sets up in the morning, could be named #1, #2, #3…at the kitchen they know what is the daily special, so no problem with the meals, it even can be something that is not in the regular menu.

What I want to do is an automation command at the main navigation screen that goes directly to create/modify the specials so they can setup the price every morning (maybe jump to the price change screen with a filter just to display the specials.

The other thing I would like to do is to know the way to create combos or “daily combos” that the manager can also setup in the morning with just a few simple steps. Is this something we can do in v5?


At the hotel we have two types of special products;
Special (Open Priced)
Special (Various Priced Portions)
As the kitchen printer is not installed yet we dont need to name them and mostly use the open priced special product.
The various priced portions will be what gets used when kitchen printer comes in.
The portions I find are easiest option to maintain given it stays under a ‘Special’ menu item. This allows names specials and set prices on each portion that can be easily updated by duty managers rather than messing with adding menu items etc and gives a written order name for the kitchen print.

Looks like that setup will work for us.

Can you please post the setup screens?

Its just a Specials product with several portions and autoselect option ticked on the menu item.
Something like this;

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As for combos you might need to elaborate.
Tags might be one way but without more info hard to say. Really need more info/example(s) to make a recommendation.


Case #1

Every day the restaurant manager setup a different combos, each combo has several products from the menu and he charges a discounted price for the combo:

COMBO 1 = $10:

  • Cheese Burger
  • Cole slaw
  • Cup of Soup
  • Drink
  • Cofee
  • Desert

Combo 2 = $13.50

  • Fried Chicken
  • Cup of Soup
  • Salad
  • Vegetables
  • Drink
  • Desert

In this case I would like to select Combo 1 or Combo 2, and all the related items from the menu should be added to the order and charge only the price for the combo.

Case #2
This is the easiest one, I would say I can create a Daily Special and the options can be the portions (Special 1 = Portion 1, Special 2 = Portion 2…)

What I need is the automation in order to go directly to the “Price List Editor” with a filter and display only those products.

Case #3
For our meals we have a Plain version and a Delux version. For the last one, this includes soup or salad, a drink and a desert. Same as Case 1, but different name.

Are you able to help me do this setup?

Yes it should be possible to set this up. We have several tools to help us do this including some advanced options like configuration tasks and scripting.

I won’t have the time to personally show you a step by step but if you wanted to research some ideas and start attempting it I can help you along the way.

Start by searching forum for scripting examples and learn how to use custom entity screens to your advantage.

This setup has not been done by the community yet so you may not get much examples. It also wont be easy for anyone that not an expert in sambapos automation.

I can learn fast… :slight_smile:

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Well since I can create the actions to add the products I need whit no price, I will add the beverages, soup or salad, etc. using the order portion or selection change event and the ask question.

I believe that I can do what I need without the need of scripts.

Now I would like to know how to group products in an order.

There is an update group action I think… Search for order course grouping I think there might be come examples there.

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In creating a combo - is it possible to create a single button that has two products attached to it but those items belong to different departments so that you can apportion revenue to each department when the item is sold?

Club Special = $35 but is made up of two products product A $20 and product B $15

This is instead of pressing two keys on the POS