Dark mode v4 (emre github)

hi all.
someone already tried this:
Change SambaPOS Theme · GitHub ???

not really sure how to use this .txt oO
probably need to import it into sql manager.make a backup of your database first xd.

and yes i know, there is not such feature for v4, and v5 have a dark mode.

but emre said v4 has support for theme, even if need a lot of testing ^^

will try later to apply this txt, just asking if someone already try it :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not possible in v4 he never moved forward. He put it in v5 instead. You need to upgrade to v5 for that.

in the linked post. he post a screen shot of v4 with dark theme.

if you look at the github file. its cleary to active dark mode for v4.(do you have read all txt file ? ^^)
just need a way to use the file, but its probably an import into database.

while ive not tested yet, i dont know if that work.

have some other thing to do, before to test it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m telling you it won’t work. He did not release the version of 4 that supports it. He was saying it could but that was internal build not released. Also it was buggy and not a good experience. It took us a lot of testing to iron out the kinks in it for v5.

That github script is for v5 and it’s part of the configuration task for changing it in v5. It will not do anything in v4


hum, ok.

indeed, the screenshot was probably in an other branch and not in the release branch.
so the v4 release dont have theme support. (even hidden one ^^)

thanks for precision.