Data Export - export gives last period only

Hi there,

I am trying a data export with the code hereunder but I am only getting data for the previous day/work period. Help would be appreciated.

Index, OrderDate, OrderTime, Name,Quantity,Price,Service,ExactTotal,Tax
:"{0}","{1}","{2}","{3}","{4}","{5}","{6}","{7}", “{8}”}

What period are you trying to export?

I would like all the data available since I started using the system

You sure? That looking like a order by order list, sure your not wanting to sum to get total for each product?

Either way, can you not set a date range before export like you do before printing the report?

Also are you sure that is correct calculation for service? How are you doing service?

I’m trying to get all the orders placed since Day 1 together with their items, price and VAT. I got the service from another example but it’s not really required.

It could be that my syntax is wrong but I’m still trying out the Data Export feature so feel free to propose different ways of doing it.

Ultimately I’m after a whole list of orders with individual items in CSV format

Yer, but you really want tit order by order as a posed to products and qty sold? That’s going to be a long list if been open long time…

yep that’s correct. Order by order including the date and time. I’ll be using it for reporting and analysis purposes so I would need all the data

When you run a data export, you need to select the work period, range or date range just like any other report.

To select everything from the start, enter the start date in the first date field, say 01/01/2016, then click refresh. The work period dropdown will now show all work periods within that date range (there will be many so it may take a moment to display once you click), and there should also be a period that shows from nearest work periods from the start and end dates.

For example, if your business started on 15 February 2016 13:01, and you input 01/01/2016 and today 01/12/2017, you would have an item in the dropdown for “15 February 2016 13:01 - 1 December 2017 14:52”. This would give you everything in your data export from the start of using SambaPOS.

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thanks for the info. Looks like that will achieve what I need but I am not getting the Data Export menu item on the left. I have saved my data export from Manage > Reports > Data Exports

edit: Found the issue. I just needed to enable “show in Reports explorer”. That’s great. managed to export all the data I wanted. Thanks for the help everyone!