Data Exports and Parameters?

Hi @emre

Can we use Parameter Lists in Data Exports like so:

Currently it fails or I have something wrong?

Note: See the use of (PA=$1) in the Tag Line.

IF you can use for a report you can use for data export too.

Sorry @emre I cannot get this to work in its current form? The "@" symbol is not recognised and just prints in the report and therefore $1 parameter has not value?

Try using [report name] like usual.

I don’t get that?
Ok so you mean take it out of Exports and back into Reports? How do you SAVE to a CSV file?

Here is output in is current form:

No why would you take it out of exports? Im not as experienced qith exports but i thought you might try that.

Because I am not understanding what you both are saying? sorry I know you have no modem…

Try a more simple report with parameter then work up to yours.

Well I have a few exports working already using fixed conditions, it is just the Parameter load which is not being read but yes I will insert a simple Parameter or maybe even hard code one.

@emre tell me this in not an issue?

Everything works except parameter statements. Below I manually inserted the Parameter:

Im not Emre but its not an issue :slight_smile: I see you didnt try what i said. Put a propper [Report:1,1,1] header at top instead of just Report.

PS: parameter does work.

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@pauln Shouldnt the report be this though?

Notice i changed row and the row sum.



Sorry for wasting your time @Jesse as I really was not seeing as we say over here “the wood from the trees” - always the way when your under the pump.

I have not this this as I am rushing to site after a late function last night :weary: but I validate in a few hours time.
Thanks Kendash!

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