Data Loss in SambaPOS 4

I am using SambaPOS v 4 for my restaurant. There is an issue which I am facing
If system gets hanged or for any other reason the POS gets closed …all the data , tickets gets lost . till the last time I “Logout”
If I had logout from POS only then data get saved and can be traced …
Can someone please help by resolving this


Switch your database to SQL Express and be sure your system does not have viruses.

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The Topic says V5 tutorial …would this be the same for V4 as well ?
I would do a re scan for virus I have AVG Anti Virus Installed

Yes it will work fine for V4.

Working on a system that hangs is not efficient in general but when you have issues with file saving that automatically makes me think that might be related with viruses. There might be another issue though. It will be better if you first focus on that hanging issue. Even SQL Server will save data correctly instabilities on your system may lead to other issues.

Will switch to SQl but would that also solve the issue ?
actually I didnt logout from the POS from past 2 days and didnt restart the system but i had closed and started work periods in between…
today when my explorer crashed,all the tickets and data got lost for these 2 days.
Is it cos of some virus or issue with POS ?

We save tickets as soon as you close tickets but… are you using Demo Database? It may be a good idea to review this.

Yes Ideally it should save that way only …Sometime when I realized the system is hanged but I could Switch user I went in to another window session from there I accessed DataBase file made a copy of it and saved it to another location and then restarted the system …Then logged in to my original account replaced the existing database file with the Saved ( from Switch user) file and I managed to save the data
this is how my Samba POS folder looks like .I am not sure if I am using Demo DataBase