Data sql install after aditions

Hello Samba Team. I need help with Samba data restore.
I work in configurations and aditions in SAMBA POS 4. Everything got save. Now I Install SQL express but my configurations don’t appears.
How can I restore my data if I haven’t use sql from the start?

What format is your database? TXT or CE?

You’ll need to upgrade to SQL to use SQL server if you haven’t used it before

I installed with SQL Server Kical DB.
I do something wrong?

When you minimise the samba window what do you see at the top bar with the database details, it will either be TXT, CE or SQL

Sounds like your using CE and need to upgrade it to SQL then use sql manager to connect your database. If that’s the case follow the tutorial I posted above

Since the firts Instalation SQ
Then I configurate all info ect.
So today I decide to install SQL express 2017, so now is connected with sql but theres not configurations is a good start.

So, I already try that… and doesn’t work. Becouse I don’t have a SDF file…
The firts time I install Samba I installed with SQL Server Local DB. I made all the configurations and edition for my use. So the info got saved, Ready to use in restaurant.
Today I decide to install SQL express 2017, now is connected with SQL server. But my restaurant configuration aren’t there. Its like start over again. Thats the problem.
Once I remove the Data connection String and I restart Samba, all my configurations are back. But its not connected to SQL.
Once I connect Data string to SQL and the pos restart all the info and configuration arent there…
Can someone help please.

SDF File is ONLY for CE edition it is not for SQL Express. SQL Local DB is not the same as CE and also does NOT use an SDF file.

EDIT: Sorry ignore that i misread your post. You installed LocalDB… so all you need to do is run a backup of your database while your in LocalDB… then restore that backup while connected to SQL Express.

LocalDB is also SQL Express it just runs differently so if you backup the db while connected to LocalDB and then restore that db while connected to SQL Express Instance you will be fine. Be sure and uninstall LocalDB after your finished.

You only need full SQL Express if you plan to use more than 1 terminal. LocaldB is just fine if your using only 1 terminal.

Ok. Let me try that, Thank You for your fast repond Ken

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Let me know how it goes.

You really should consider upgrading to v5. V4 is no longer supported and v5 can do so much more.

Well… Yea, I think Ima upgrading to V5.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

So, If I Upgrate to v5 my backup data will restore to v5?

If you upgrade to v5 all data will be there. Backup first of course. Yes it will import to v5

Ok… Ima try it. Thank You

Well, I made the V5 Upgrate, and still won’t restore my data.
What can I do?

What is it saying when you try to restore?