Data type for dbo.InventoryItems.TransactionUnitMultiplier does not allow for fractional numbers

For this use case scenario, I purchase vodka in litres and sell in ounces. For the multiplier, I would like to use 33.81 oz/litre. The 33.81 stores in the application, but when I select from the table, the field is empty. WHen I manually try to update the row, I get an invalid value for cell (.Net Framework Data Type:Int32).

I come from an Oracle background and am not too familiar with what datatype I should use. Before that, I don’t know how the business logic in the app handles numbers. If I alter the table to change the datatype, will this break functionality in the app?

Thanks in advance.


You cant do that. You would use the smallest unit and it needs to be whole number. It does not allow fractional.

The difference in 33.81 and 34 is very very marginal. You should use milliliter if you plan to use metric system. If your converting from metric to US system then you need to convert and round the smallest unit.

Yes you will break it.

In all honesty I would just set it at 34oz the difference will not affect you any and you can adjust via end of day records.

PS I changed category to v5 question as this is not a breaking issue in SambaPOS. Sambapos is working as intended in this case.

Thank you for your reply. Also, I sent you an email regarding a license. Let me know when you have a moment. Again, thanks for your help.


P.S. sorry about the wrong sub. I didn’t see that category.

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No it is ok you did not know.