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Is it possible to setup Sambapos 5 in a way that the user can logon and use the manage section in navigation screen but can not use the create or restore backup feature.

No, unfortunately not, the manage section is currently all or nothing.
Has been discussed (although on other areas ie products but not automation) but cant remember what the verdict was.
I think if I remember right was left to think about having a manage sections entity screen widget to allow setup of a set of custom entity screens to give access to parts of manage section that were required rather than limit within the manage section itself…

@emre was there a verdict on a way to separate manage sections? anything on the list for future?

I have been trying to learn how all this Sambapos stuff works but its really worrying you could put hours of work into a setup and anyone can just stick a usb stick in and resell your backup on ebay. I have already seen sambapos 4 backups for sale on ebay.

You don’t need SambaPOS at all to make a DB backup, so I am not sure how restricting the use of the backup module would help you.

-- DATABASE BACKUP BEG ------- 2015-12-23_11.28.49.70 
sqlcmd.exe -S localhost\SQLEXPRESS -E -Q "BACKUP DATABASE [SambaPOS5] TO DISK='D:\Programs\POS\DBBU\SambaPOS5_2015-12-23_112849.bak'"  
Processed 3968 pages for database 'SambaPOS5', file 'SambaPOS5' on file 1.
Processed 2 pages for database 'SambaPOS5', file 'SambaPOS5_log' on file 1.
BACKUP DATABASE successfully processed 3970 pages in 2.357 seconds (13.155 MB/sec).
-- DATABASE BACKUP END ------- 2015-12-23_11.29.01.89 

Besides, nobody should be going into the Manage section except you. Why do other users need access to Management?

Thats down to you, tbh I would be wary of employing a person who would do that in first place, your trusting your staff to handle your business and your money…
Unless your taking reseller but that is a potential risk any seller makes and where terms and conditions come in I guess.
As a re-seller my bigger concern is my customer going in to the automation section and changing things which would mess up the setup.
Although I can see what your saying as I would be P**SED off if the hotel Im doing the PMS integration for duplicated their setup for their other hotels but have a good relationship with them (given I work there for my day job) LOL

Re-seller support has been mentioned and should offer improved options for things like this but thats a future improvement.
Once you start worrying about things like that you then need to look at SQL access which as QMcKay said you can backup directly so you would need to restrict/mask the credentials in the database string also…

Also while your worrying about running backup etc I presume you have backup enabled to run backup on work period close, where are the backups going?
Most likely to local drive or network storage, of which windows would need access and in which case the user of the terminal has access too.
It would be just as easy to copy the backup zip file to USB without even having management/admin access to Samba
Even if you had exit button set to verify they could plug in a keyboard and do win+d to get into windows…

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I think one way if you are reselling and installing POS systems, if you are really concerned about people sticking USB drives in and copying files off the POS system, you should look into Windows Group Policy Management, where you can restrict many things on Windows like denying access to any removable drives. But at same time, you better also restrict internet access (or remove all together). You can get really deep into this if you like, however there becomes a point where control takes and starts to hinder genuine uses, like staff copying reports to a USB drive for storing elsewhere, etc.

We don’t lock down systems to such extent, but we do set the standard user that auto logs into Windows with limited access to the PC, and then there is an admin account on Windows that we share the password to with management so they can make changes on PC if they want (in the end, they are buying a system and shouldn’t be restricted genuine access from it).

But along with what I do, you can use the standard limited account and Group Policy and accomplish locked down state as you desire. But always make sure you give management / owners a full admin access account on Windows to the system so they can still use it properly.

Maybe I am searching for the wrong thing, but I can’t find any such SambaPOS backups on ebay for sale. Quite curious I never thought this was such a concern… But please don’t post links to ebay here (it benefits noone) but send me a PM with a link to said ebay post, I am just curious :wink:

I dont know about backups, saw a chap selling v3 which had be recorded with his logo saying it was his own.
Reported to emre and contacted the seller saying that they are in breach of whichever licence it is for reselling opensource without source code etc.
My systems are for sale on ebay (not at the minute as haven’t relisted for over Christmas), the listing is for preinstalled hardware with samba setup ready to go…

Yeah I saw V3 in the past on ebay being rebranded as something else, but it happens with all open source software.

Selling a V4 setup in itself probably isn’t “wrong” because you did put effort to do it, however need make sure not to mislead. Same goes for selling a complete POS system with SambaPOS with my own database. I will probably do same also at some point.

Stealing someone’s work (even difficult to prove) is just wrong and unfair.

My listings explain fully, including that samba is free, pretty sure has link to the forum also.
Mainly concentrates on the benifits and that its configured with a prebuilt database ready to go.

Pretty sure you saw my listings when we were talking about hardware in the past.

Yeah that’s the way I’d do it too.

Actually I never checked for your ebay listings :stuck_out_tongue:

Basic listing but works with over 50 terminals sold this year mostly to people who originally found on ebay.
‘Jazzing’ up the listing is on the list of things to do LOL

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