Database Connection issue. Connection string

I have gone through all the tutorials I can find and I can’t get the database connected. Now the program won’t open I get an error message saying I have the wrong connection string, but I’ve tried every variation I can think of and still it won’t work.

Data Source=RAHUL/SQLEXPRESS; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos; Database=SAMBAPOS

Please help!

So you installed SQL Express and setup a database instance called SQLEXPRESS and you enabled mixed mode authentication and enabled sa user and gave it password sambapos?

Can you access your database using MSSMS (Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio)?

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This will probably make no difference, but just in case …

                 ^ incorrect
                 ^ correct

Pretty sure it does need to be backslash…

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Yes but I think he just made a typo when typing it here. Though I cant tell by that screenshot.

Yes to all the above.

If u could access with SQL MANAGMENT mean that u have typo :wink: