Database connection issue

I cant connect to the database because of a security issue. By reloading the software the string now requires the username and password.

Is there a simple step by step guide to find out what messages will appear and where the error messages are probably being generated.How to uninstall everything and start again. I cant even get the demo working any more.
I’m getting an exception fault because the database username and password is incorrect.
Also I need a guide on actions, rules and automation commands as I still haven’t fully got this doing what is expected.

Last night the restaurant ran on paper and pencils and I was cast into the corner with a beer!

To reset SambaPOS to default demo database.

  • Rename settings.txt file
  • Reinstall latest SambaPOS.

When SambaPOS can’t find settings.txt file it will reset to default install.

Additional recommendations.

  • Your issue is not related with Print Customer Receipt topic. I’m moving it to a new topic but next time please create a new topic.
  • Post screenshots of error messages so people can understand what is wrong.
  • Try to understand the reason of your issue so you won’t break it again on your next try.

Cannot open the Database SambaPOS4
requested by login

Login failed for user SIMONG/simon

Can anyone please help me. I cannot connect to the database. I have been into SQL Server management Studio and checked the user and permissions. I am not at a loss. Ive tried removing all software and reinstalling and cannot find the error. The error is “Cannot Open database SambaPOS4 reguested by the login”

This is very URGENT as this is a “LIVE” environment.

Thanks you for any input…

Post your connection string please. If I remember right the last time I helped you for some reason your system was not authenticating users correctly and we simply ended up just using

Data Source=localhost\Sambapos;

It is not wise to take something live if you are not 100% sure it is working. And it is even more important to not try things you are unsure of on a live production system. Instead get you a test system to try out anything new, or get more familiar with SQL and how to backup/migrate before you try anything new.

You may be able to get help quickly from the community if you have an issue with a LIVE system but if the community senses that it was a silly mistake you could have avoided and sees you making that same mistake over again the community may be reluctant to go out of their way to help as fast as you need it.

Just a few tips to help you out.

PS Another great tip is to keep your system in a basic working state. Do not add complexities to it until you know how those complexities will affect all parts of the system. You want your production system to be able to do your most basic business. IF adding a complexity breaks its ability to do something as simple as printing a bill this can break down your entire business.

Keep it basic, and running, add new features on a test system make sure all of your basic operations are 100% working before you take any new complexities into production. Finally it is important to understand that Pre-Built databases are built for a specific environment and built for a specific work flow of a community member’s own restaurant it is highly unlikely you will share that exact same vision so you should never try to take a Pre-Built database live into your restaurant unless you know 100% how it functions and if it is right for you.

I agree with you but I did not realise that the system I was happy with was running on a text file. The next process was to move this to sql express 2014. My error was loading a new database that I didnt realise didnt have tables or bill printing. The next task was to try and roll back to my previous state.

I am happy to pay for work as the main disadvantage for help is to rely on others generosity. I really appreciate all the help I have been given and hope I’m not seen by the community as someone continually making the same mistakes. I dont need accounting, just a basic system with one menu, a bill and tables layout.


I can help you and no you do not need to pay me. I can not help you right this minute in team viewer I am busy with my own restaurant. You would get faster help by posting some information here and let us get to it when we have time. And no I did not mean we view you like that I was just giving you some tips so you can avoid such things :stuck_out_tongue:

When you load SambaPOS can you give a screenshot of the error. Give a screenshot of your Management Console with the database pulled up if you do not mind.

Once we do get you where you need to be, we can discuss proper backup and storage/management of that database so you can revert back to it later.

Also provide the connection string your currently attempting to use.

Typically the mistake is simple as just naming…but we need to see your setup to know for sure.

Thanks for your reply.
Here’s what I have done. I created a new user in Windows 8 and now I can run the SambaPOS4. I guess I am in text mode with the demo data. My next job is to load SQL Server Express 2014. Restore my database and then point the Data Connection string to the database.
One issue that I picked up with Windows 8, I was running an online Microsoft User and not a local User. I suspect this caused issues with login info. I’ll let you know how it goes.


I use an online account with mine and it works just fine. Let me know how it goes though. PS When I deploy live I will not be using an online account.

i can’t locate the settings.txt file. :S
I’m currently running an SQL server. Where would this file be placed?

its in a hidden directory make sure you have view hidden files. c:\ProgramData\SAMBAPOS\SambaPOS4

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