Database imagration from sql to text file

Hi All,

I’m using SambaPOS3 with SQL as the database, and I want to stop using SQL and use a text file.
So I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to export all the database I have so far to a text file?
  2. Once I set the data source to be the text file C:\…\SambaPOS3\SambaPOS3.txt, will SambaPos3 changes forever update in the text file? or will it still use the SQL server?


What do you mean by Text file? Are you talking about CE? If you really mean Text file then that is a VERY bad idea and you will be guaranteed to lose data. The best option for SambaPOS is SQL server it is the most redundant, fast, and reliable method.

Can you explain your reason why?

PS: By using a text file you WILL eventually lose data and will NOT be able to recover it.That is a 100% chance. Additionally some functions will not work. Text file support is meant specifically just for demo mode to get a quick example of menu it is not to use in production.

PS2: this forum is for v4 you can go to and continue your discussion there for v3.

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