Database import

Hello everyone, for several years i have been looking for the perfect POS system for my restaurant. Unfortunately for me, i just started using Sambapos 3 recently. However, there are many things that i cannot do in Sambapos 3 or that do not work properly. My first question would be if i can migrate my SQL express database from V3 to V5 if i purchase the update version.

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I would not recommend doing that. So much has changed I am not sure it would work properly. Your best method would be to reconfigure v5 to match your v3 menu setup. You can backup the database to store your data but I would recommend starting a fresh setup of v5.

If you did, you would need to upgrade to v4 first and then to v5. We have seen some issues when doing this, rules not working etc. There are some maintenance tasks that help with this but again I highly recommend configuring it fresh.

HI Jesse,
Thank you very much for your feedback.