Database Migration Error

First I’d like to simply say that I am mostly impressed with how easy this platform seems to be.

I did my first client install yesterday and it did not go well. Besides the Windows issue, I have been having a problem migrating the database from my personal setup to the clients setup, and even as a test between two different setups in my office.

Some relevant details:

  • I downloaded and installed Microsoft SQL Server 2014 as told in a tutorial I saw.
  • The database is running and it seems that Samba POS is working in both databases, including the backup function.
    -Backup from setup system
    -Try to restore to client (or my test system)

Get the error: The backup set holds a backup of a database other than the existing ‘SambaPOS4’ database. RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

Any suggestions?

Disregard, found the answer buried in a thread I hadn’t managed to find before. So simple…

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For those interested the answer is to enable overwrite in the Database backup module settings.

PS: @Theseus You should check out v5. It has a 500 ticket unrestricted trial and after 500 tickets it still works you will just start getting annoying popups on adding orders. License is $99 but it comes with all previous paid modules for free. The capabilities of it are HUGE and would benefit you with your clients immensely.

I would recommend at least trying it in trial mode on your setup machine you could get familiar and then pitch its benefits to your clients.

V4 will no longer be getting updates.

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I don’t have a particular issue with trying v5 I’ll give it a try. I am a little worried by method of payment, however, because laws where I am is that many businesses prefer cash or bank transfer rather than credit card. Most customers don’t have that. Is there perhaps a way that I can purchase on their behalf on a volume concept?