DataBase setup Problem

Continuing the discussion from SambaPOS Database Configuration: Here is the problem I am having, any help would be appreciated. Thank you

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/7/6/76984d0a68e307eb02ccfe3415431d099aab7136.png" width=“625” height=“500”

From reading that error it looks like you either do not have the Payments table or permissions were not set correctly for that table.

I really do not want to read the thread you posted so can you kindly explain your issue? What did you do when this error started?

I downloaded SambaPOS4 and then SQL server 2012, set up the data base in Local setting and when started Samba got this massage. I must done something wrong because I just started Samba again and got another massage.

The data string is: Data Source=CONCHI-PC\SAMBAPOS4; User Id=sa; Password=conchi0511; Database=SAMBAPOS4;

Look here:

Also you should use the latest version of SQL Express which is 2014.

Thank you! Reviewing the first link you sent me and checking my Sql Server Configuration Manager, I noticed that the SQL Server (SAMBAPOS4) wasn’t running. I started it and could access to the server then I started Samba and got the first massage about the Alter.Table. Do you know how can I configure the payments table? Thank you in advance

Did you try importing a previous version database?

Try this connection string:

Data Source=CONCHI-PC\SAMBAPOS4; User Id=sa; Password=conchi0511; Database=MYSAMBAPOS4;

SambaPOS should create a new database for you. Once that is corrected if you want to import a database backup you can do that.