Database Tools - Added Categories for Export

@emre if possible can you add more categories to export. I would love it if eventually we could use this to export just about anything that is feasible. Products, etc would be great. I understand there might be a few things we can’t do but the more things available the more powerful this tool is.

In particular I would like the ability to export Products, Inventory Items, and Recipes

Also as a side request would it be possible to give it the ability to import from zip file? It actually acts like it will but does not actually import nor does it display error. I understand why it does this but if it could import from a zip that would be awesome.

Importing from zip file is a great idea as we generally share them as zips.

Database Tools implemented to import / export (merge) configuration data (same for everyone).

Import/export for products, entities or inventory items is something different as we need to import / export them as different file formats such as excel, cvs, etc… Also it should import not existing customers or just update prices or change configuration of menus, etc… Database tools merges data.

OK I understand that. So I guess I need to figure out a different method to achieve what I am wanting.

What I’m reading from requests is something that works like a snyc tool. You’ll make changes (add two products, remove 1, change 5 prices, change category of few,etc…) on a different computer and synchronize to server…

Yes I was actually about to request this separately as my use for database tools was for community not myself. I want to share some of my work without using a prebuilt database as those tend to cause more issues. But now I see your point and your right we would need something like this.

I was not really thinking correctly products etc are personalized they would not be shared. But personally I could use the sync feature.

There were a few specific non personalized requests for Export tool I had when breaking up my system I cannot remember what they were now I will go back to my work and it will come back to me.

EDIT: Looking through it… it seems you already have just about everything available maybe I will run into my issue again and remember why I made this post as it was not only products that inspired it. I am actively breaking my system up into Import Files for people to play with.

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We have a kind of simple data import tool that we use to generate default products, tables, etc… These files located under [PF]SambaPOS4/Imports/ folder. Maybe we can improve import zip files by including some txt files that contains default entities maybe. I’ll think about it.