Database Tools Export Tool - Task Type

@emre The Database Tools Export feature is not exporting Task Types. The option is there and it creates the file but when imported it does not import the Task Type.

I used it for my Time Clock download so it kind of puts a kink in that until its fixed. For now I put a disclaimer to create your own Task Type…

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Just reminding you of this. As of 4.1.69 its still not importing or exporting Task Types

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That was fixed but it seems there is another bug. Thank you for reporting that.

I wonder if it has to do with Task Types that do not have any fields?

No. There is a typo. I’ve didn’t noticed it as I’ve referenced it with internal name.

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Darn I thought maybe I was being smart hahahaa.

If it was not typo I’m sure that’d be the field. :slight_smile: