Database update

Hi I’m using v4 with sql2012 on pos system
I did a backup thru management studio sambapos4.bak
On new computer I installed v5 with sql 2014 express local db
How do I restore database from old computer as I prefer not to install manager studio on new computer


I wouldn’t recommend installing SQL Local DB.

I would go and install MS SQL EXPRESS 2014 with management studio and you can run the backup using management studio on the computer or load the back up through sambapos itself under Manage.Settings

If I try to backup database thru v4 it gives me acces denied error , I know this has been discus here somewhere but I dont think it has been the same operation where I have saved a 2012 sql express trying to use 2014 sql express local db installed with v5
The reason is I don’t have much space on winbook for management studio to install and I would like to have the database saved up on the SD card if possible

This is common issue choosing a folder samba doesnt have permission to edit.
Try root of c drive or external memory stick.
Or search forum for ‘NT Service’ for details on allowing permissions to samba/mssql

Choosing a different folder worked thanks

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