Date and Time in Account Reports


Is it possible to have a date/time stamp on printed reports? We would appreciate this feature.


Do you mean “print account transactions” action?

Hi Emre

I’m not sure if an action would work. It’s the report would print when you go to accounts and print a customer statement. It has the business name at the top, the customer name below and then the account transactions. We would like to know if the date and time could appear on the printed statement?

Thanks again

OK I see. It will be printed on header on next update. Thank you very much for reporting.

That’s correct.
Thank you. Yes It will help to track which is the latest printed copy of the statement.

Hi @emre. Did you manage to implement this? I didn’t notice it on V 4.1.20.


Didn’t you asked for this?

@emre, I think @kylemclean is after a Date Time stamp on the report to show when it was actually printed.

Maybe a way around this, as I would like to be able to customise the customer statements a little more, would be to have Printer Templates we could assign to the account screens so we could fully customise the layout with logos, and customer information.

Oh sorry I didn’t see that @emre. But yes, like John said, a date time stamp for when the report was printed.

OK I’ve replaced date range with current date time. I’ve removed date range since we already display date filter on Balance brought forward line.

For customer info customization we need some more work. It is in my todo list.