Date Time Advancing Caret Mask Type doesn't function as expected

I have been testing out Date Time and Date Time Advancing Caret mask types on entity custom fields. I was looking to see what the difference was between the 2 datetime types. I noticed no apparent difference, so I checked online about them, found this which says:

DateTimeAdvancingCaret mask mode. It is similar to the previous mask mode. The only difference is that after an end-user enters and completes a specific portion of a date/time value, the caret automatically moves to the following part of a date/time value that can be edited.

So, I would expect if my date was 27/12/2015, if I were using DateTime mask, I would have to enter exactly 27/12/2015 on the keyboard. But, if I were to use DateTimeAdvancingCaret, I could enter 27122015 and after entering each portion of the date, the caret moves to the next portion, therefore not requiring me to enter the / character.

I might be wrong, but this is how I would have expected it to work.

However, it doesn’t do this. Both function exactly the same and don’t advance to the next portion of the date:

Both work fine if you type the / character:

Tests done on 5.1.57.

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