Deactivate/Delete Customer

@emre Is there any way in V5 to deactivate or delete customer who no more exists ? This is a request because many people who no more useful when search accidently if selected then u never get the money back . What about keep in database but u cannot select or search?

You can delete it manually in manage entity. Or you can put a note on account and popup the note when entity select so, you know what this guy did to you. I think it is better than cannot select. This note is better. You can use to remind you when you forgot customer a coke or freebie.

BTW you can deactivate it by set entity state to Deactivate and can filter search widget to not display this state.

@sukasem Thanks as I know it but this can be improved way better hope , still u can make a transaction with that I mean not able to make any transactions the reason I requested .

If you set entity state to for ex deactivate and you don’t put deactivate in filter box. It won’t show when search and you can’t add it too it will popup customer xx is already existed something like that.

Already have ability to do what you ask.

What I mean is what you gonna say to this customer if they call again. Oh we block you but don’t know why? If you decide not to be able to search or select.

Maybe you need a way to deactivate the account not delete the entity.

Create a new Account Type and Entity Type, and move the Customer into that new Type …

###New Account Type set to Credit

###New Entity Type: Deactivated Customers with Account Type set to the above Account Type

###Select a Customer Entity, and change their Entity Type …

Since the Deactivated Customers Entity Type is not assigned in the Ticket Type, and there is no Entity Screen for this Entity Type, there is no way to access this customer. You could go further, to allow for this access by creating a screen for this Entity Type, but that is up to you.

Having the Account Type set to Credit, will cause the Payment Screen Customer Account payment button to be disabled unless the Account has a “positive” balance …