Debit & Credit Card Integration in Canada

I have been using SambaPos for years and I really would like to have my Debit machine integrated with the system.
I don’t know where to start and I would like to know if this is something I can do with any payment processor in Canada as I use Elavon now.

Thank you

We will be offering it in Canada hopefully this year with our partner Global Payments. Please wait a bit more for us hopefully we can start soon.


It’s Really needed
Thank you.


Just following up on any updates in this regard?
Thank you

I will have news in a few days hopefully.

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I’d love to set up a self serve kiosk for the summer, and payment integration seems to be the biggest hurdle atm in Canada. Although I’d prefer integration with Square (for a fixed % type fee with easy and affordable equipment), or Helcim (for interchange+ type fees with easy and affordable equipment), I’d consider using Global Payments if that was the only choice. So any update would be much appreciated!

We can do fixed rate fees as well. Still working on this but we should have news soon.

Thank you. Several of my clients are asking about it and I really need to provide them this solution.
Thank you

:roll_eyes: Hi Jesse, Any updates?

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We are moving forward but it will require a little time. However it will be this year.

I already lost 2 customers so far due to this missing features. I can wait but some restaurant owners can not actually

These things are not fast nor easy. We will support it but we need more time.

I guess it’s not ready yet. Sorry to let you know that we are forced to discontinue working with sambapos due to loosing some customers.
Best of luck guys and it was a pleasure working with you.

Hello I looked up your reseller account and all I can see is a customer account. Were you registered under a different account for your reseller account? Perhaps you were not a reseller and I just assumed that based on what you said in this thread… its my apologies.

We plan to integrated to every country that we can integrate too. It takes demand, resources, and planning to build and maintain payments integrations. We will eventually get into Canada once all those pieces align right. Very sorry to see you go over not having integrated payments. Was it only integrated payments that made you decide? If so what system are you changing too if you don’t mind me asking.

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We have an opportunity to support Canada but we need pilot stores and a reseller in Canada to help us grow it. Pm me if you are in Canada and want integrated processing as well as are a reseller.

We want to be a pilot store. we can change to global payments. which devices are supported?

Right now we do not support payments there. We are working on it.

ok approximate time for integration in canada?