Deduct Order Tag Price with Refund Action

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i have a great time here reading and learning ,
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Right Now i’m facing issue with Refund Order tags with the order
in Actions i defined order price [=0]
but cant find any thing related to Refund the Order Tag which remains in the ticket

any proposed scenario to do this , i searched a lot and tried to figure out many solutions " like updating Order Tag price to zero in actions but didn’t work out "

You untag the order. If already paid then you can’t.

yes i can’t , in ReOpen Ticket , i can’t untag only the Void can do it for the Order Tag but Refund can’t , i tried to figure out how Void works to mock it up same to Refund actions but didn’t get the point

So you need to tell us this. I had to guess that you meant paid tickets. Voiding the product is your only option for submitted orders.

But voiding wont increase the inventory as refund configured to do

You can create your own and set it to add back to inventory.

i managed a sort of way buy checking the Void Rule it Contains Update Order Action and set the Clculate Price to False as Void Rule set , and it works

Now need to know what is the function of Increase and Decrease fileds in the update order action ?

That’s your inventory.

Thanks allot " I just want to make sure :slight_smile:"

Now that leads me to ask how or what is the way to deduct the order tags from inventory , actually I did alot of search about that point but still not covering it yet

Order tags don’t have inventory. Or do you mean when adding order tag? I’m confused what are you asking now? You need to be more clear. We can’t read your mind.

Ok sorry , what I mean that order tags like add ons for the order
And those add-ons which be added by Order Tag need to be deducted from the inventory

Ok so you add a product to the order tag. Look at it there is a field for that. It will deduct that product. As long as it has a recipe etc.

For example " a menu item that contain chicken breast , the chicken breast is an inventory item already , and can be tracked , but in case that the costumer ordered extra chicken breast for his order , now the waiter should put extra " order tag " that I already added it to the item order tags

Now need to track that extra chicken breast in the inventory as I add it in the order tag

My refund setup uses negative quantity so isn’t effected by order tags. The tag value is counted in the refund value. Inventory wise I don’t know as don’t use inventory but negative quantity should in theory count as return to stock. It sounds as a return based on order sales report.

Thanks Joe for you feedback , I managed the order tag to be affected by item refund by adding Order Update Action -to Refund Rule- and setting Calculate Price As : False
That setup gave me a good result " canceling the order tag related to the item "

Now the main issue is that :

How to track inventory for Some of the order tags which consume raw materials , and further how to increan it in the inventory after refunding order !?

V4 is no longer supported and it’s been a while since I used it so I can’t remember the differences vs version 5. But in your order tags there is a column for product. If you have a recipe with that product and put it in the order tag it will deduct inventory.

Reopening closed tickets and setting calculate price to false is not rally a true refund setup…
A refund flow if done correctly would leave original ticket/order as is and process as a return/refund as a separate inverse sale.
The setup described is just a post sale void/cancellation.