Deduct tax from Ticket Total


I have a tax template which is working fine but if I add a discount to the ticket it deducts tax amount from ticket total -discount amount. Like if if Order amount is 100 and if tax is at 10% and Discount is at 10%.
Ticket Total = 100
Discount = 10
Tax = 9

The tax should be deducted from Ticket total and it should be 10 not 9. How do I configure Tax template to deduct from ticket total.


Are you sure that is correct? If you discount 10 you sales are only 90 not 100.
Check with your accountant else you will be paying more tax than you have to.
The option is not in tax it’s in your discount calculation, calculations have options of incluing tax or not.


sales are 100 and discount is 10 but Tax is being deducted from Tax = ticket total-discount, this is how tax is being calculated right now. Which I dont want. I want tax to be calculated from Ticket Total only.


What he is saying is are you sure your government wants that. That is not normal.


Yh its the same in almost every restaurant here, in fact its auditing requirement that tax has to be deducted from ticket total and discount has to be deducted from ticket total as well.