Default Close Button vs Self Created Close Button

Hi Guys,

So today I wanted to give the close button another whirl.

I wanted to hit the close button which prints the order on screen.

As i had created a green Print Order button on the bottom of the screen for the waiter to press once order is complete.

My button has always worked fine, but it never closed the screen. So i added my print job then added the close ticket the last action.

The ticket prints, but the screen won’t close.

As I’ve been playing with sambapos now, i decided to give the close button a try by cloning, and for some strange reason it works.

I added my print jobs before the closing of the ticket, and my print jobs are triggered and the ticket screen is closed.

My question of course, even if i min mick it, i cannot seem to use the close event… I copied everything exactly the same, so can someone tell me why the default close button works… but the one i created doesn’t…

Card to say without screenshots etc.
One main thing although wouldn’t be any different between one close and another unless additional automation that you cant close an unpaid ticket without an entity or valid ticket tag.
Would need to see screenshots etc to understand what you have setup.

Hey JTR,

When i say Close, i mean closing the screen of the ticket/order.

So that the entity turns ORANGE.

I’m just saying… using the closing event itself doesn’t working for me…

But cloning the default close button does…

I know what your getting at but again,without screenshots cant tell what you have setup.
For example you say

However using the ticket closing event is nothing to do with a custom close ticket button.
Automation command rule (event) might have a close ticket action however this initiates a flow of other events ie before ticket closing, ticket closing and ticket closed.
So need to see what you have setup to know what you have done.

We need some screenshots please to help us understand your issue.

When you try to close a ticket is there an Entity (example, tables or customers) selected?
Do you have some sort of Ticket Tag being used?

You will need at least one of the above on the ticket before you are able to close an unpaid ticket.

I already asked that but sounds like select entoty is ticket creation method and if that was the case it shouldn’t print kicked print (unless custom) but does.

Sorry @JTRTech , miss your comment when I was skimming through the posts.

Thanks people… give me some time… I’ll try and create some screenshots… but at the moment i have no printer on me… so i can’t even run a true test… i’ll get back to everyone soon.