Default Discount Button on Payment Screen Locked

So for some reason when my waitresses put in a ticket order and then come to the front register to cash it out under an admin account (or any account for that matter), they cant press the discount button. Its locked for some reason.

Whats odd is I feel like it only happens when theyre using the system. When I clear the orders at night and put in a sample order and try to cash it out, the discount button is never locked.

The ticket isnt locked after printing is it?

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@JTRTech yes it is. Why is that bad?

Locked ticket means just that it’s locked nothing else can be done except payment unless you unlock it.

Locking a ticket prevents changes or accidental changes to tickets if you don’t want that flow then you need to change it.

Oh, dont tickets get locked by default in samba? So my client wants to be able to apply either 10% or 50% discount as they are about to cash out customer. What is the proper way to approach this? @Jesse

Unlock ticket so it can be applied. You choose best event for your setup.

So I should never lock tickets? or just add unlock ticket action with discount rule @Jesse

That’s up to you I have no idea what kind of flow you want.

Is there a way to allow discounts while ticket is locked. @Jesse

Personally i have just taken the lock ticket action out a many times.
Alternatively where do they add that? Settle screen?
Add an unlock action in the settle command rule.

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