Delete a few tickets that were a mistake

Is there a way for the administrator to delete a few erroneous tickets that were made in error during the night?

For example, the bartender has a few errors, he keeps the ticket receipts and holds them in the cash drawer till the end of the night. With these tickets, the manager/administrator goes in through the interface and deletes them…

Have a look here Reopen Closed Ticket issue
It’s a little tricky to setup.


I have the same issue, for legal reason, I cannot modified a ticket that has been printed out, I have to:

  • make a credit note in case of …
  • **cancel the ticket ** in case of technical error, human error (entering mispelled company name, VAT number, etc …)

Cancel the ticket means (for Perú):

  • putting zero as the new total for that ticket
  • printing a new Ticket with
    - the same ticket number
    - a text ANNULACIÓN printed at the top of the ticket
    - the reason of the cancellation (manager approved, waiter error, …)

Here is the way I do:

  1. I followed the explanation of “How to reverse a sales in samba pos” to setup a cancel payment button.
  2. I cancel the ticket:
    I go to ticket > All ticket > select ticket > display.
    I click on Cancel Payment, which shows the Payment screen
    I close that payment screen, which brings me back to the ticket screen
    I add a ticket note to the ticket (ANNULACIÓN, reason of error). It’s important to do it at that point, later on, Ticket Note will be grey.
    I select all the items and click Void, at that point Print Bill is grey.
    Closing and opening the ticket again, now Print Bill is activated.
    I print my ticket.

Now I have on the witness roll in the printer:

Ticket 45:
Total 22.00

Ticket 46:

Total 78.00

Ticket 45:
Total 0.00