Delete a sale after submitting it

How can I delete a sale after submitting it.

Was it one you paid or just submitted?

It has been paid already. I Wan to erase it

I followed this command and it erased all the sales since it was installed 5 months ago. How can I bring back the database.

When you executed the database tool, it should have automatically created a backup.

You will need to restore it. The backup type will be “Task Backup”.

Because of the way everything is stored in the database, there is no non-super-complicated way to remove just one ticket/transaction.

Alternatively, you could reopen the ticket, and void the items.

@Wizzy007 That is not what you wanted to do. You have erased it. If you didnt backup your database first then there is no way to get it back.

What you wanted to lookup is a refund tutorial.

What if it didn’t back up… Is it a must that it must backup automatically when the delete data base is selected?

Did you setup your backup location?

You should get an automatic backup each time you close a work period.

The default behaviour is to backup before executing any tools. Without a backup, your data is lost.

The default backup location is %USERPROFILE%\Documents\SambaPOS5\Database Backups

Noo poo. I just punched delete data base

Unfortunately it’s lost for good if you did not do a backup.