Delete Many Products at once

Hello, What is the fastest way to bulk delete Products. When I batch created my products, I only just realized that all leading Zero’s on the barcode were dropped. I have re created the YAML files and need to re import them into samba. But i need to delete 90% of the products first. How can I do this quickly?

select them all then press delete selected.

I was afraid of that, about 2000 items to be deleted.

Just select the first one then scroll to bottom hold shift and select last one. Or you can use SQL to delete them.

O, ok. that works much better. let me try it out. I was trying to find a way to scroll and select many at once.

Fastest way is to use MSSMS and SQL and delete them.

The first method worked perfectly. Already deleted what I needed. Thank God. I almost broke out the whiskey when I thought of deleting each item one-by-one. That’ll teach me to double check Excel first. You ARE A LIFE SAVER!!!:grinning:

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