Delete old products

So when I first started using the program we had put in items and then with time we stopped ordering those items and purchased others. I have managed to delete the item from the menu but it still appears in the warehouse (doesn’t have stock just appears there) and I would like it out completely so my warehouse list looks short and I don’t mix new names with old similar ones. How do I take the name off completely from the system itself

Have you deleted the recipe and inventory item of that old product?

Not sure you can just delete it as it will be linked to tickets you have already settled

Used products can’t be deleted if already used. It may effect reporting if you use things like MT which referees back to the product I believe however just reporting orders will still show as it’s already in orders table.
Inventory I can’t comment on.

You will not be able to delete it but you can rename it and put some xxx in front or some other character so it truncates it to bottom of list and you know its no longer available.

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i will do try to do this thanx

If they cant be deleted because of transactions, I usually recommend GroupCode “zzzOld Products” or “zzzDiscontinued Products” and just put them inside.

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Great Idea @Posflow