Delete Role of all administrator, I have only waiters

Hi! By error, I delete all the administrator role from the user, now I don’t know how to open the manage part. Please help me!!!

How have you done that? Direct in SQL?
You can’t delete your own user and non admin can’t manage users?

I have one admin with pass 0123 but I put this admin like waiter because I want to delete this user. However, now I don’t have access to the manage part.

All the users have the waiter role I think, there is not a admin user.

I can’t believe that there would be such a obvious loophole to get locked out.

Is your database SQL?

I know. Yes, it’s SQL.

Am not at my PC so can’t check what to look for but have you checked directly the database table for users to see what’s going on.

By my comment on the loophole tbh was disbeleif in that you truly have no admin users… :-p

I hazard a guess that you do have an admin user but have lost track of it, no offence, just a guess.
Couldn’t see anything on forum regarding deleting admin, just forgotten pin and can’t believe that you are first to do this. Although may have missed other posts and very presumtuative.

If your SQL look in the users table and scout arround, sure you’ll have an admin user there somewhere.

Easiest fix would be to use SSMS to run the following:

UPDATE UserRoles SET IsAdmin=1

That will give all Roles (and thus all users) the Admin privilege. Then login using one of your users and setup or reset the Role Privileges…