Delete stock inventry in sambapos

Hello everyone
I would like to delete the quantities of the products I have in stock in order to add new quantities, but I don’t know how.
please can someone help me with the procedure?

If you want to directly edit stock prediction, you can do it only after you end Work Period.

Manage > Inventory > End of Day Records

So I have to end a period before delete?

Its not deleting it, its editing current stock prediction. And yes, only after you end work period.

i tried to do as you said but got the message which is on the screenshot.

I never said to delete End of Day Records. I said you can edit current stock prediction in it.

If you do want to delete EODR go to Manage > Settings > Program Settings > Maintenance > Clear End of Day Records

You don’t delete stock. You adjust using EOD. Why do you want to delete?

I want to make new entries (quantities) and I want to reset the stock so that the existing quantities are at 0

You just need to adjust your stock to 0 with End of Day report and do a purchase for new stock. Unless you really are asking something else but are not being very clear.

I just want to reset the quantities to 0 in order to make new entries and not delete the products

Thanks for yours answers to you all

Hello @karel,

It is possible to reset Current Inventory manually by applying below steps;

1 > End Work Period

2 > Go to Main Menu > Manage > Inventory > End of Day Records > Select the latest record > Type actual amount into the Current Inventory column > Save

3 > Start Work Period

You can check the below image as reference.