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OK there are several things I need, and several things I do not understand about these reports.

First of all the NEEDS:

I NEED for a manager to be able to run a sales report and print it out one for each waitress she pulls up. This means I need the manager to be logged in, then pull up a page of some sort whatever it is, and search by username and print the waitress sales for the night.

What I don’t understand:

I am far from a math whiz…

When it comes to USER SALES I see in this photo that there is $808 dollars by the Admin
Then there is Settled by Admin, what does that even mean?
Its also higher than sales. Is the User Sales just items sold before taxes?
Explain all this to a person thats never worked a register before please.

In this example here, the users

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Its far from incomplete.

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Hmm I thought we worked on the user sales page for you.

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User Sales is all tickets that user submitted paid or not minus tax. Settled by is self explanatory it’s tickets settled by the user so it would include tax

I will show you another option. How many employees would you say they have?

They have twenty in the user list.