Deleting all open orders


I need help with deleting all open orders on my pos. is there any file I can delete to remove them all? I cannot close orders as i go as it only prints on one printer therefore I use ‘all print’ button after i take an order. please help. Thanks.

Why do you wish to delete orders? Also I’m confused by how your printing

I just want to close all open orders that have accumulated and start from scratch and use it properly

Orders close on payment. If you are not taking payment then you need to modify your method of closing tickets.

Are you able to help me on how I could modify my method? Im very new to this. thanks

If you want to clear transactions and start fresh there is a database tools task for this if thats what you mean.

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How would i go about doing that? it wouldnt delete customer and menu info will it?

Search the form, you will find all the answers you need.

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