Deleting an EOD record

I have few EOD records with mistakes in them. Can I please get an explanation what would happen if I deleted them? I would like to correct them, however, only the last EOD can be saved. Which leads me to the question if the inventory will be recalculated if I deleted the EOD records with mistakes.

While editing records may be posible via sql the only supported clearing transactions is the database tools script which clears all transactions.
You could posibly look at the reopen ticket and cancel payments actions to reopen a past ticket but would bring payment forward to today and historical reports would be effected.

Depends on what your mistake is, other options might be a correcting refund.
Or if its primeraly an inventory issue make an eod stock adjustment.

Thank you for reply, it is a mistaken entry in the EOD records. Somehow an item we have 4 was marked to 0 about 3 weeks ago.

I run a test on this and apparently deleting an EOD record is not permitted. This leaves me somewhat puzzled why is there such menu item.

Most systems for inventory and accounting etc do not permit backdated changes as a security measure.
Also backdating in one system would put others out of balance, ie hotel I do accounts at, figures are taken from till and booking system and input to sage/xero, if you could backdate pos it would mess up the balance between the two.

You can delete if it was freshly made by mistake but not old ones.

I was not successful in deleting the last EOD either. Also, once you can delete last EOD record then you can successively remove them all.
JTRTech point I understand, since I use to write code for banks, I am aware that can’t remove historic records. However, it still doesn’t answer the question why is that option even displayed.

Not 100% on the exact option your referring to, at a guess based on Jessie’s comments would say because you can delete frwsh/current period entries.