Deleting transaction data or a financial year from sambapos 4

I would like to delete transaction data from my sambapos 4 for the year 2016 so that the only records that remain in my system are for 2017.

You can’t do that from Sambapos. You could write a sql script to do that and use MSSMS to execute it. Google sql scripts to get idea.

Generally deleting data is bad and you would never want to delete data. Why do you want to do that?

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Data does no harm. Keep them.

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I have a client who wants me to clear their data for 2016; apparently they started operations in October last year but officially in the government books they started this year in January. So they want this data out of their system so that the data from January 2017 is the only data they have.

So they are avoiding taxes? Well you can google SQL Scripts to get an idea… this is not something supported by SambaPOS.

Quick google turns this up.

Remember if you do not know what you are doing you may delete the wrong data.

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Your ticket ids would just mysteriously start at a high number, not at all suspicious LOL


So basically they want to commit fraud. Please don’t request help on the forum related to tax avoidance.

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I will add that if you do attempt to delete some data… you could render SambaPOS unusable if your not sure which tables to delete.

Maybe suggest to your client a more compatible order taking method other than using a POS system?


So what would happen if Government comes after that person? They investigate and that person says well I hired x company to handle my POS and they must have deleted the data…

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Guys cool it down, I wouldnt also want to commit fraud.
The whole truth about it is this; the client bought a restaurant from a friend who runs a chain of hotels. After buying the restaurant he continued operating using the sellers business name as he did not have a registered company. So in January he completed the process and then he started using everything in his name.
So he is not evading any tax, actually I was asked to do this by the tax agents as it is detrimental for him. I asked this in the forum because I don’t know how to go about and can end up ruining the entire system.

Hmm still doesn’t sound right… so where does all that tax revenue go? I am not accusing you of anything I just want to understand it.

Instead of deleting data we can somehow archive it… that would be better…

I am not sure how to go about it and that is why I have asked @Jesse

Not sure how it matters.
The hotel I work at changed hands and they continued with the same system, just when reporting you only look at reports from that date on. Old data relates to the other company so is irreverent and should be acceptable as previous owner/business if thats the case.

Yes archiving sounds good enough for me; how do I do that?

My experience is that you should never delete data… that can get you in all kinds of trouble including fraud even if you didnt mean to commit it… you could still inadvertently do it or cause investigation. Deleting data is bad… very bad.

So lets discuss this more… sounds like we need a way to archive. I cant imagine any tax pro asking you to delete data… Instead we need a way to mark a starting point for his new company… Typically that is done by date… and when generating reports you would simply start the report at specific date.

Exactly the point, kindly advice.

Well we need more information… like how are they doing their taxes… is it an accountant that you just hand over the POS data? Or do you generate reports from the data?

If he was running the business even if it was not in his name then that means the previous owner is still responsible for those taxes… deleting the data would definitely not be good.

Yes the other guy is responsible but they must have reached an agreement.
So the accountant would like to be able to print his data or present his report from the time they started operating only in their names.

I have seen the point against deleting, and I agree with you guys against it.
So then, how do we archive the old data?