Deliverect API Integration

We are planning to integrate with Door Dash, and while they do not have an open API, they integrate with an online order aggregating service called Deliverect. I highly recommend you guys check this out and consider partnering with them. I plan to write my own integration in the mean time but it would be cool to have Samba directly integrate.

That seems expensive on top of the fees from each service? We will be integrating with all of them but it takes time for those partnerships.

I found an interesting one called Tryotter that started at $39.


Hi Jesse,
Just wondering, is it possible to integrate SambaPOS with Tryotter ?


I think we have plans for something better. Stay tuned.

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We looked @ tryotter a while back. Unless things have changed, they are just a reporting dashboard and there was no way to get the order data to then push to POS.