Delivery change and type of payment

when we receive an order from the delivery . I need something like ticket note. customer payment type . If the method of payment is cash, how much money should be prepared for change to driver. If is it possible something like toggle screen but it shouldn’t close ticket like paid . So when driver return to the restaurant with payment close the ticket with toggle screen
Thanks for your help

What setup are you using to accept deliveries? Are you using the advanced delivery setup in the configuration tasks or something custom?

Everything you’re looking to do can be done, but there are many ways to go about it. I also don’t understand what you mean by toggle screen. I would likely use a combination of ticket tags and ticket lister (of modification of your current one).

I use a ticket lister similar to Custom Package Delivery for V5 which displays togo tickets until they’re picked up (even if already settled out).

I am using Custom Package Delivery for V5

So your screen looks something like this:


And you want to show in the ticket lister:

  1. Ticket Notes
  2. Customer Payment Type (even though not paid yet)
  3. Customer Payment Amount
    • How do you know this, do you ask?
  4. Change Due

If so, you could actually pay the ticket out and continue to show the ticket based on a ticket tag rather than status. Then when you want to close it out, have an automation command to reopen ticket, change the tag, and close it out. Thats what I do.

Or you could input this separately on the ticket as ticket tags and display it on the ticket lister screen. Then have them settle when they get back.

when the customer calls to order. The person receiving the order will ask the following question. payment type, change. if it’s a credit card. Delivery boy will take the terminal with him. If cash he will take the change with him .so I need something like ticket tag or ticket note

Hi, you could do it,? I would like to do the same with my delivery orders?