Delivery, Pickup and Gloria Food Integration

Hi, I have followed the tutorial and got the basics setup but with a few problems that I am struggling to figure out, please help.

  1. After connected via SambaIN, I noticed that it has created multiple custom fields under Customer Entity Type as shown in the photo below:

When New order comes in, the fields are not filled correctly for some reason:

in SambaIN

in SambaPOS

As you can see, only contact details got filled in, and no address details for some reason. I do however have the Google API Postcode lookup script in play, is this what is causing complication?

  1. I have used the Gloria Food app before, and on their tickets, it shows the general direction of where the customer is as to the restaurant or takeaway, eg N=North NE=North East, I wonder is there a way we can get that work in SambaPOS? both for Local and Online tickets?

  2. when Clicked on the Display Map button on the delivery Screen, somehow the System knows where the ticket suppose to go for Online Order Tickets via Gloria Food, even though there is no Data displayed on the actual ticket

    Besides, it thinks I am at the SambaPOS office or somewhere in Turkey, how do I modify this?

and if I create a local ticket with address information in the fields, the Display Map function doesn’t recognize where I am at all.

I have found the codes under the Property Editor on the Ticket Lister Widget to correct this starting address problem.

But still, I am struggling to figure out how SambaIN maps the data into SambaPOS, or if there is any way we can map it ourselves?

If reads the data from Address custom field. Samba in saves the address in the Address custom field.

Thank you Sir, I will create a new custom field in SambaPOS for customer entity as Address and test it.

Do you have any suggestions on the following question?

  • Go to your the Entity Screen where your “Display Map” button is located.
  • Right-click and select “Design Mode”.
  • Left-click to select the widget with the “Display Map” button (Widget should now appear RED).
  • Right-click widget and select “Settings [Ticket Lister]”.
  • Scroll down to “Command buttons”
  • This “Command button” text field contains the info for each of your buttons, separated by an [ENTER]. Find the line which corresponds to your “Display Map” button and edit the part after “saddr=” to whatever your restaurant’s address is.

Thank you, Yeah, I have figured that out and it is working now. thank you again for taking time explain it.

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