Delivery question

Hi dears;
I have a question with Delivery screen. I follow the steps on tutorial of Delivery Custom but I face a problem. my problem is after select the order from Lister1 and click on the Deliverer button nothing happen as no order viewed on Lister2, the deliverer button has no response while no action happens. I read the tutorial and review the steps a million time but no new. what I have to check?

Thanks a lot.

The tutorial works so you must have missed something or have a typo. Without seeing your setup or knowing what you did we cant really offer specific help. It would be good if you tripple checked your setup to the tutorial ensure everything is spelled right and some things are case sensitive so be sure you copied everything exact.

Is this v3 or v4?

I have the two versions right now, the training version is on V3 after it work I do it on V4. now it didn’t work with me on V3.
If you wish I can copy the steps from the training data on V3

For version 3 support please visit for version 4 you can utilize this forum. If version 4 please provide screenshots etc.

or send you my backup data if that available

Ok, but as I see the help here is more valuable than in the another forum. ok I’ll ask my question their and thank you

@Jesse Sorry, but as I guess there is no body is care at the other forum. can i send you screen shoots of mine to tell me what I miss? I need to activate it on my live data if that work with me on training. Time is important if you can help that will be nice.

@Jesse We talking now on V4 and here is my problem, I re do the steps from start on V4 and the same problem still found

@mohamed1313 I think kendash is after more info than just the screen where the issue is, that doesn’t tell anyone much info about your setup.
You’ll need to screen shot the rules and actions relative to this feature to be able to offer any form of advise.
I’ve never utilised a deliver setup so afraid I can’t help but you defiantly need to upload additional screenshots if you expect to move forward.


Thanks to Allah to reply :smile:

I have my screen shoots on V3 if I can insert it, it is the same I do in V4, but they ready to post. can I post it?

@JTRTech can I post it?

@mohamed1313 we need the rules etc from version 4. They are different versions. If time is really important then surely you can take a couple minutes to take screenshots of the rules and actions.

Please look at it from our view… you have given us almost nothing to work with. We have no clue what you did wrong because you have not shown us what you have done. It could be something as simple as a spelling mistake.


Ok, they are a lot of pictures, but ok give me a while to screen them

To be honest if you went through the tutorial again and ensured you did it exact then you would find the issue. But if you can give us some screenshots we can help you spot it.

Please remember that most support is community based and people have jobs and businesses to run outside of offering support.
Don’t know where your logged in from but it’s 1:30am here in England :open_mouth: yuan.

I would suggest given your on the v4 forum and asking about a setup you plan to use on v4 that you upgrade your testing install to v4.

As I said I’m not familiar with delivery type setup so won’t be able to advise but id say you probably best to be using v4 if your expecting assistance.

Despite not being familiar with the setup I would suggest you ensure all actions and rules are as defined in the tutorial you took them from, ie spelling and type case.

As kendash said the tutorial end setting works on the version listed.
If yours isn’t working you have some astray somewhere.

Check actions, rules and any states etc utilised in the configuration before uploading screen shots from v4 :slight_smile:

Please don’t just upload screenshots from v3…
(If you want help please be sure to listen to those offering it.)

Ok guys, I got your remarks. and I’m sorry if I disturbed you. but I review my steps many times with no result.

I know you are professionals and I’m just a beginner so you can see it very easy and my questions are foolish, but for me the issue going hard i swear for me and a lot like me their foolish questions are very big deal for them and I’m one of them. So please be friendly with people like me and if I teach anything from you that means a lot to me.
now here are my screen shoots.