Delivery question

Please be sure to open you actions on rule screen shots :slight_smile:

That’s all, did i miss anything ?

Can you explain what did you tried to do with these constraints? Do you know how rule constraints works?

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Sorry, no i did not. i just do as I found in the tutorial

Here is what I do in this rule from the tutorial

That is for V3. When you see empty values you should skip these on V4. Only add constraints for assigned values.

btw you can find more info about rules here.

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Ok, as you know I’m just a beginner :smile: and I’m glad to talk to you. So is it my problem?

Thanks a lot, I removed them now. What I miss also?

Be sure to check all constraints,
As I said, haven’t used this setup myself but the screen shot emre asked about vs your screen shot from the v3 tutorial constrains are different, tutorial shows factors as single word ie EntityTypeName but you have put Entity Type Name.
In most cases ‘functions’ like that are case sensitive and have to be accurate to work.
You are comparing v3 to v4 so not sure if changed between versions but is going from tutorial be sure to match CaSe, formatting and punctuation/symbols exactly.

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My friend, I didnt write it with my hand I just select it from the drop down list, so Im sure there is no problem with the functions name.

Fair enough, as I said not used this delivery setup - just tryin to help.
Is it still not working?

I don’t think we really need to show them one by one.

as @JTRTech stated review all your rules and remove empty constraints.

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I dont change anything except the constraints @emre told me they no need to be add and there is no other similar rule use it to remove. but still not working.

Please don’t confuse my asking for more information as an attack on you as a beginner i know many people are beginners. As a beginner it is valuable for you to learn how to get help from the community. If you ask a question about a very complex setup but provide no supporting information people will not help you.

You did add default mapping to the rules?

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Constrains are very logical when you think about what they are doing.
If you have a constraint where ‘something’ = blank that rule will only work if that value has no value…!?!

The one emre said about for example: order count = blank.
Any ticket is surely going to have at least one order? (Unless I’m missing something having not setup deliverys)

Know you went from tutorial but it was for v3 and lots changed between v3 and v4

@emre @JTRTech now i removed all the empty constraints, and sorry there is still something wrong. it is still not working

@Jesse Bro, I understand you know its ok, and yes I mapped all the rules.

Guys, Tutorial on forum V4 is opened screen shoots for V3. anyway I did as you told me but nothing changed.