Delivery screen formatting help

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I have used this SDF file to setup delivery screen. It looks and works OK. But I have run into a couple of formatting problems.

Screenshot 1

This looks and works as intended

Screenshot 2

The formatting gets screwed up on the 2nd column when scroll bar comes. When items are less than scroll bar, all is fine. Same is true for first list too.
Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?

You need to increase the width of the delivering widget.

Settings > width
Design mode > Widget width?

Enter design mode… click on the widget then right click choose properties (Not settings)… use width setting there. You can also use y and x for positioning if changing width overlaps something. Might want to move the buttons to right a little for example…

Dont forget to exit design mode or it will not save it.

Yes, that worked. Thank you. :smiley:
I have to resize both widgets to make it look the same.
What does the Max width inside settings do?
Currently, settings Max width is 300. Properties width that works well is 260. (Earlier it was 240)

Also what does the | symbol do in this mode?

I tried changing settings width to 240 and Properties width to 250, but no luck. It seems that whatever width I set in settings, the properties width has to be above 255 to show it the way i want. :expressionless: