Delivery Setup , new Idea about delivery

I have an issue with one of my client ,like he needs a new delivery setup.’
When close ticket it should ask ticket type,“Delivery Or Pick up”.
If it delivery ,then he will click on callerid popup. It Should show on popup like customer details,if the address is correct then press “ok” and print to kitchen or he wants to edit address from there itself and press “ok”.

For this added rules and actions for asking ticket type using ticket tag,
but is there any way to show the customer details as popup?
This client is very disgusting.

@QMcKay I hope u will find a way.

I added rule and actions for asking phone number and address. now how to get the caller id popup data ?

Have you looked up the caller id thread on the forum. There are a few threads explaining how to handle this one. Best way try the search system on the top right corner for caller id.

Hope that helps

As suggested above, Caller ID functionality is built in, follow the step by step guide to setup.

Yes so I suggest you do it is how we set it up for our clients - you have one department that handles both delivery and collection (as built in Caller ID functionality only lets you choose one department). Then it will take you to customer search entity screen, so you can select existing or add new customer. Once you “Select Customer”, it will ask the ticket type - Delivery, Collection, etc.

So the only thing you need to change is to turn on “Ask Ticket Type” on the Customer Search entity screen:

Then you will get the option to select ticket type when you start a new ticket: