Demo mode - to sql

Hello, I didn’t install the sotware in january 2014.It was a friend
Today i bought the new version and i can’t restore because it was in demo mode, no sql at all.
I have more than 3000 bills, more than 600 products with complements, many, many changes i did with help of the forum.
Tell me that there is a solution for this please!

Hmm you may need to manually just copy the system. Look at the previous setup and manually reconstruct it. I do not think there is a way to just convert it. Demo mode was never meant to be used live.

Is it really in demo mode does it say TXT at top title bar when you double click sambapos logo after logging in?

no say CE, so may be i can, but why i can’t restore?

CE is compact edition - basic in comparason to SQL but should be upgradable without manual reprograming - probably best to convert/upgrade to SQL Express in V4 then upgrade to V5
There is a tutorial on forum for process of converting from CE to SQL.

Found it;


ty. i will try now!

Keep a copy of the SDF database file somewhere safe just encase.
When I converted an old system for a friend it took me a couple of attempts to get it right.

yes, i will do it right now. As soon i finish I let you know.
One more time thank you so much all of you guys

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