Deparment name on ticket


I use 3 Departments ( version 4) with same menu and different prices. It is working well.
Normally Department name is printed on ticket.

It is possible to create a question to choose department name to print only on ticket?* For exemple: „Department do you want to use" ? This choice doesnt need any affect on Ticket, menu and prices. just information.

Menus and prices are the same, need only to print it for information!

Sure. You can use ticket tags for this. You need an action named ask question and a rule named ticket created. But i am not sure about verison 4. if is there ask question action you can do it easyly.

Thank you very much for your precious answer. Version 4 has „ ask question function“ . In fact i need only department name on ticket.

If i am on Department“ take away“ the Department name is printed on ticket, as i know it is not possible to change department in the middle of order process, sometimes it is necessary to to choose another department name only for this order. It would be useful if we can print ( only as information) choosed department name iafter order process is started.

ok you can use this code


this code means if you did not select ticket tag named department, will print department on ticket.
if you select ticket tag,will print tag value on ticket.

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@RestoANT need to use this code on ticket and use ask question function at the same time? (Action, rule)

no need to ask a question. you can show ticket tag selection on ticket.

@RestoANT Thank you for your quick answer.

Lets say i am on Departmen „ take away“ and i have started to make an order. Order process is finished, before taking settle or after taking settle, i need to choose another Department. How do you choose department name, in which point exactly?

I don’t think ternary will work in v4? It’s been a while but I thought ternary expressions were v5 only.

If you set ticket tag on ticket creation using origiknal department you could then overide tag and just set tag in template.
Regards updating an automation command button triggering ask question with options as buttons which triggers an update ticket tag.