Departments, Buttons and Merging

Another thing I need to fix is when I select a table from my table screen, it keeps the previous ticket type. How do I make it change back to Tables? I have it all in one ticket type now so we can use the same ticket, just need to change the tag back to Table.

EDIT: Seems like I fixed it, if anyone runs into similar issue, feel free to message me.

I do still need to fix the table thing though.

Good to hear. Without knowing more about your setup, it is difficult to know where to update this.

Its a custom table screen with Entity Buttons, I assume there is a rule that is fired when a table button is pressed, If i can find the rule I can just add the action to store ticket type and set it to Restaurant.

Create a new Ticking Closing Rule so that the TicketType is reset.

If you wish, you could put Restaurant in here, but I chose to leave it blank.

P.S. you may already be aware of this, but this setting is not really a Ticket Type - it is just stored under the name TicketType, and it is used to Update Ticket State and Tag the Ticket.

That fixed it, Now I need to fix my printer template and i’ll be done with this. What tags do I use to add the Customers name and the Ticket type to my printer template?

Somewhere in your Template(s) use this placeholder:


Then near the end of the Template create a section for each of your Entity Types, as such:

<L00>Table: {ENTITY NAME}


<L00>Delivery: {ENTITY NAME}

<L00>Pickup: {ENTITY NAME}

<L00>Takeaway: {ENTITY NAME}

For the Ticket Tag, place this in your Template where you want it to appear:

{TICKET TAG:TicketType}

Awesome, Thanks for all your help.

*Now I have to see if I can get all this to work with Version 3.
**Feel free to message me if anyone needs help with this in V3

Okay I’ve worked quite a bit on this to make the system better. Right now I need either a action and rule setup to set my order state for all items to “All Together”. Or to send my takeaway/delivery/pickup orders to a different print template.

I’m using this rule to set my order state to hold and then i select items in my list and hit serve first, that way it tells the kitchen staff which orders to make right away and which orders to hold on.

So whenever I add an item, it is set to hold and prints under a hold heading on my ticket. This works fine for tables but for deliveries/takeaways I need it to not print hold. Automatically remove the order tag when deliveries is selected or print to a different ticket template that doesn’t print the tag.

Still looking for a workaround for this. Also is there a way to get rid of the top 4 buttons on the left? I think there was a topic that started to go into it but it went off in a tangent. They were trying to bring back some missing buttons but one of the Devs stated that there is a way to hide certain buttons.

Which top 4 buttons? Select Takeaway,Select Delivery, Change Table, and Select Pickup?

Yeh those ones, I also don’t understand Why some of them are greyed out.

What controls those buttons is if you have the Entity assigned to Ticket Type via Tickets > Ticket Type > Entity Type List in manage screen. The only way to get rid of them is to take those entities out from the Ticket Type. However if you do that then you need to setup a complex automation to assign Entities to Tickets and your Entity Select screen will stop working.

Some are greyed out more than likely because your using more than 1 ticket type?

It’s a single Ticket Type. Can you show me a basic setup? Most of the information for my setup is in this thread, you can import files posted by QMcKay. MIght be better if he helps me with this since he has the setup already but see what you can do. I’m still trying things.

I am familiar with the setup he helped you design. I would advise not trying to remove those buttons. You will cause more trouble than its worth.

Do you use the Entity Search screen? Or are all of those Tables?

Ok so if I am reading this correctly the only Entity type linked to a screen is Deliveries? So Take Away and Pickup are not linked to a screen correct?

EDIT: Ok I see what your doing. You have 3 different departments for this?

The buttons are greyed out because there is no Entity Screen linked to them. The only one you linked was Deliveries.

Continuing the discussion from Departments, Buttons and Merging:

That particular ticket is from a table, I also have 3 buttons set up on a separate screen that represent New Delivery, New Pickup and New Takeaway. Each one of them show the same buttons greyed out.

I set all the Screens to Tables now so it only has Select Table Available.

That is correct

I did at first but since this Thread I have Removed the two extra Departments and merged the tickets into a single type called tickets.

I would Like to do this now since I’ve gotten this far. Or at least Grey out the last button so the waiters don’t accidentally add a table to a takeaway order. It seems to have created tickets in two places and I don’t want it to add extra payments to my reports.

The only way to get rid of the “Select …” buttons is to remove the Entity Types from your Ticket Type. If you do that, then everything you have set up to this point will break, because you won’t be able to assign Entities of those types to the Ticket… it just simply will not work.

The ones that are grayed out have no Entity Screen.

If you want to disable the Tables button so they don’t press it, you will need to split into 2 different Ticket Types. One for Tables, one for the other 3 Entities.

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Actually you can assign Entities to tickets without this setting. However it typically causes other issues. But to demonstrate its possible:

I use this method to assign Employee Entities to Tickets. My employee entity type is not linked into my ticket.

Yet it still lets me assign the entity using automation:

However to get your screens to work etc. It might be more complicated.

Okay so splitting the tickets solved that problem but it threw me errors when I use the Start Delivery Buttons from my table screen. I did that for simplicity, I’ll just have to live with it for now.

Is it possible to add two states to an item? I want to use Kendash’s state method to assign a note but I also want to keep my Hold and Serve First states. Since Order Tag Note doesn’t work yet.

You can assign unlimited states.

It Actually worked :smiley:

Putting this here for Consistency