Design Mode as Basic User?


I was able to access Design Mode as a Basic User, when I was wiping down the keyboard. Any idea how this might have happened?


Show the user permissions for that user.



You set it to confirm admin pin effectively giving it admin privileges. Try turning that off. Also any management settings?

A regular user would not be able to confirm an admin pin


Thank you very much. Is this the Management settings?


Yes so when taking the confirm admin pin option off does it fix it?


I mashed all the keyboard buttons, but can’t seem to reproduce it, even with the “Confirm Admin Pin” box checked.


Were you in design mode as an admin and forget to exit it when logging out? Also might be a hidden keyboard shortcut for it. Not sure about that though.


No, I was not in Design mode previously. And there is a Right Click button on the keyboard, but it doesn’t do anything as a Basic User.


Ctrl-Shift-D is the keyboard shortcut for Design Mode. That shortcut will put any User into Design Mode, whether they are an Admin or not.

Also, logging out an Admin while in Design Mode will allow a regular User to Login and Design Mode will still be active.

These are both BUGS, @Tayfun


Uh oh, that’s not good. Will it be fixed?


Not sure. Hard to say these days.


I don’t think they gave a date.

[5.2.3] Issue Compilation
SambaPOS 5.2.8 Release

It should work fine on next update.